Have you ever noticed when you go into Windows to optimize your storage drives, it says retrim for SSDs? Just what exactly is getting trimmed and why is it needed? Is it the same as defragmenting or something entirely different? (it is different).

Such good questions all deserve thorough answers, so in this article we’ll cover all of that.

What is SSD trimming?

SSD trimming is a process that helps to maintain the performance of a solid-state drive over time. Trim works by periodically erasing blocks of data that are no longer in use. The trimmed data isn’t always removed straight away, as a complex process decides exactly when this takes place. But when it does, not only does it free up space on the drive, it helps the SSD perform better and last longer, too.

Simple, yes? What actually goes on, though, is quite a bit more complex — read on to find out!

Source: https://www.techspot.com/article/2600-ssd-trimming-explained/